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Building Codes

Who Uses the Building Codes?

Larger cities and counties across the country have enacted the ICC building codes.

Some jurisdictions enact only certain parts and some add their own versions for reasons I do not understand.

Some of the smaller cities and counties do not have official codes. This is where it gets scary. In these areas, you are at the mercy of the contractor.

It is extremely important that you find a good contractor recommended by several reliable people. Be sure you explain to him that you want your remodel project or new home built to ICC building standards.

I highly recommend you and your contractor each obtain Code Check: Seventh Edition, it is necessary as a quick codes checkbook. It is illustrated and easy to understand.

Who Creates the Building Codes?

The International Code is a model building code developed by the International Code Council (ICC) located in Whittier, California. Adopted and used as a base code standard throughout most of the United States.

Building codes address both health and safety concerns. The code provisions are designed to protect public health and safety. While not unnecessarily increasing construction costs. Not giving preferential treatment to materials or methods of construction.

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Benjamin Franklin proposed the first building codes in 1735 to safeguard the public.


ICC codes address the minimum building standards.

It is a good idea to build above the minimum standards.

Most builders do not.

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