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Since MS Office 2010 Excel

Excel provides two different bitness options – 32-bit and 64-bit – Our software supports both 32 bit and 64 bit Excel versions.

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When you open your Software

The screen will stop on the button pictured on the left (Photo Enlarged).

If you click on "Close," the program will open in as a Trial Version. All features will be active except "Save."

When you decide to purchase the License Key, first click on The Computer ID button then on the "Contact Author Button."

We will email the key along with instructions on how to install the key. It is quite easy to install (watch videos # 1 &2 upper right), within twenty-four hours after PayPal has received payment.

Excel Settings

  1. Click the "File button" top left corner.
  2. Click the "Trust Center" bottom of selection column.
  3. Select "Trust Center Settings" Right side last item.
  4. Select "Macro Settings" sixth item from the top.
  5. Select "Enable all Macros" Forth item from down.

Click on the File (upper left top corner) scroll down to the help section, click help and look on the lower right "About Microsoft Excel" to determine your Bitness, 32 or 64. Most modern computers are 64 bit. If yours is not, I recommend upgrading your system.

Do you need a Transparent Signature?

Order your 203k Consultant Transparent Signature. We can do it for you via e-mail.

  1. Print your standard signature on a clean blank sheet of paper three times two or more inches apart.
  2. Scan the picture to your computer and email it to the address on your receipt for the software purchase.
  3. After PayPal confirms the payment of $35.00, I will send the Transparent signature to you via email.

This offer is only valid for Verified purchasers of the 203k Consultant Software.

Save the signature picture in a safe place as you may need to use it again.

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